Dispute resolution

AYMP has a distinctive reputation among the top law firms in Indonesia in the area of dispute resolutions. As our general policy in taking on litigation work, all our lawyers are required to be licensed to appear before the courts, giving them a practical understanding not only of substantive law but also procedural law. From time to time, depending on the importance of the matter being litigated and the client’s context, AYMP also conducts litigation before the court. In arbitration proceedings (both domestic and foreign), AYMP has worked as Indonesian counsel for one of the parties or as expert witness in Indonesian law.

AYMP also worked on the first six applications for enforcement of foreign arbitral awards after the promulgation of the 1999 Law on Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Settlement. With its wide-ranging expertise of and familiarity with Indonesian law and legal system, AYMP is ideally positioned to mediate disputes, engaging the work of its lawyers who advocate honest and fair business practices. We have succeeded in protecting and defending our clients from aggressive attacks by parties who have shown no hesitation in misusing the Indonesian legal system for their own benefit.