Banking & finance

In banking and finance practices, AYMP not only engages syndicated or bilateral banking and finance transactions but also product development and structuring.

Almost all financial products to be marketed in Indonesia to Indonesian entities/individuals have been designed, created and structured within the framework of the common law system, whilst Indonesian law belongs to the civil law system. There is a dearth of regulation concerning the specifics of those products. This often requires products to be adjusted to comply with Indonesian law and any regulatory restrictions or limitations.

AYMP is considered a pioneering law firm in the development and structuring of derivative products marketed in Indonesia. AYMP has handles diverse clients in various industries on bespoke and complex transactions, whereby it develops sophisticated financing structures and solutions.

The types of products with which AYMP have worked, and gained a substantial familiarity and expertise, are swaps and derivatives (including credit and equity derivatives), convertible and exchangeable securities, perpetual notes, multi-currency and dual currency deposits, structured notes, and securitization. AYMP also advises and assists sharia financing transactions, both syndicated and bilateral banking, involving domestic and cross-border transaction.