New Regulation on Mandatory Report on Job Vacancy

By : Richard Yapsunto, Renaldy Warokka


Recently, the Indonesian government issued the President of Republic Indonesian Regulation Nr. 57 of 2023 concerning “Mandatory Report on Job Vacancy” (“PR 57 of 2023”), which revokes the previous regulation, namely Presidential Decree 4 of 1980.

One of the main considerations in the issuance of PR 57 of 2023 is that employment information from employers is needed to improve labor placement services in a single labor market, which is related to the government's efforts to reduce the unemployment rate.

Based on the above, it is necessary to have a system to provide labor placement services, which, pursuant to Article 2 paragraph (3) of PR 57 of 2023, is to bring workers together with employers so that workers can have a job that suits their talents, interests, and abilities, and employers may have a worker that suits their needs.

The new feature in PR 57 of 2023 is the existence of the “Employment Information System,” which “is a digital ecosystem that is a platform for all types of public services and activities in the field of employment both at the central and regional levels.” The Job Vacancy Report is Mandatory

Pursuant to PR 57 of 2023, employers are required to report job vacancies to the Minister through the Employment Information System. Administrative sanctions can be imposed if the employer does not report job vacancies in accordance with PR 57 of 2023.

Please note that the requirements above only apply to domestic job vacancies within the territory of Republic of Indonesia and do not apply to overseas job vacancies. However, we are still expecting the implementing regulation of PR 57 of 2023, which will elaborate further on PR 57 of 2023.