Rinaldi Raymond

Rinaldi Raymond, boasting nearly a decade of experience in the realm of customs and international trade endeavors, emerges as a trusted advisor in the intricate arena of import, export, and customs affairs. His illustrious career path saw him in the ranks of a prestigious international law firm headquartered in Jakarta as a mid-associate and, before that, occupying a role as an assistant manager at a prominent Big 4 consulting firm. Rinaldi's portfolio reflects an extensive track record of serving diverse multinational clientele across industries spanning Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, Automotive, Manufacturing, FMCG, Healthcare, Textile, and Electronics.

This rich experiential tapestry has honed his proficiency in dissecting the ramifications of customs and international trade regulations on a company's operational framework. By meticulously navigating the regulatory labyrinth, he ensures customs compliance. He addresses various regulatory and commercial concerns, thus mitigating the specter of penalties and the daunting prospect of resource-intensive audits. Rinaldi's credentials are beyond reproach.

He is a recognized customs expert, duly admitted to the Ministry of Finance, and a distinguished member of the esteemed Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants. Moreover, he is a seasoned litigator in the hallowed halls of the Tax Court of Indonesia, wielding specialized expertise as a registered Customs attorney. In the intricate realm of customs and international trade, Rinaldi Raymond stands as a stalwart, ready to guide and safeguard business interests with a wealth of experience and legal acumen.


  • Swiss German University, Indonesia. S.E.
  • South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, Germany. B.A .
  • Ernst Abbe Hochschule Jena University of Applied Sciences, Germany. MBA


  • International Trade & Supply Chain
  • Customs Valuation
  • Customs Audit
  • Customs Disputes (Objection, Appeal, Judicial Review)
  • Customs Diagnostics Review (Internal Audit)
  • Customs Due Diligence
  • HS Code Tariff Classification and Free Trade Agreements